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Story from Scratch is a tdotSpec-affiliated writing podcast hosted by Yale Wang and Justin Dill. Watch these two discovery writers brainstorm story ideas on the spot and debate all things writing–from magic systems to Mary Sues.

Story from Scratch #80: Prioritization (Quick Bits) Story from Scratch

What do you do when you've got multiple projects to juggle? This week's episode is all about figuring out what to prioritize when it comes to our creative endeavors. How do we decide what needs to get done first? How do we stick with a project once we've chosen to prioritize it? How important is it as a new author to consider which book to make your debut novel? Yale and Justin hash out all that and more in this episode of Quick Bits. Please check out our partners, the publisher tdotSpec at Follow us at: IG: @storyfromscratchpodcast Twitter: @storyfscratch
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